K.P. Astrologer and Face Reader

J.P Singh Kapoor
(Jyotish Visharth)
(K.P. Astrologer)

J.P Singh Kapoor(K.P Astrologer )

From the very childhood, he was inclined to spirituality. During childhood when he used to observe the sky in the midnight, he always thought about the force behind it. At that time, his mother used to recite him the Sikh Gurbani in which he often study about ‘Planets & Nakshatra’, but at that time these all were beyond his reach. He was a student of science and he wants to translate everything which was happening scientifically. He passed his B.Sc in 1971.It was his upmost desire to know about God ,so he studied various occult sciences. Due to his inclination towards God and Gurbani, he completed his M.A.(Punjabi)in 1982.He joined bank services in Dec 1971.Though he was dealing with finance, but the appetite of mind was different. Something was haunting him and compelling his mind to know the secret of life.

In 1994, he met an astrologer who was practicing Astrology of K.P. School of thoughts .As he was a science student it appealed him and he became a student of K.P. School of thoughts in Astrology. During his service period it was his hobby to watch the events and make prediction .After his retirement ,he joined K.P. School of Astrology Chennai and came out with a Diploma in Astrology,Jyotish Visharth & Jyotish Hora (KPSARI) Chennai. Now he is practicing Astrology based on K.P. Padhiti and mitigating suffering of many peoples.He also attends various seminars, workshops and conferences to hone his skills.


Acharaya Smreedhi Rishi Sareen

(Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya)

Well known Vedic Astrologer and Numerologer from last 15 years.

Acharaya Smreedhi Rishi Sareen

Acharaya Smreedhi Rishi Sareen is a well known vedic astrologer and numerologer from last 15 years.She is well known in prashari astrology which is most ancient ,authentic and accurate system of prediction .She is known for giving accurate ,authentic and honest prediction with successful clientele of doctors, high professionals ,people from glamour world ,businessman, housewives and common man etc.

Along with consultation, she has done extensive research in the field of astrology and numerology and is still continuing with the same .She also has good experience in teaching astrology and numerology.

She also deals in prayers, mantras, donations, gemstones and colour therapy etc. She believes prayers are very powerful and simple donations can do wonder.

Her view is that horoscopes and date of birth are the blue print of past karmic account .Situations come according to that but how we handle the situation that comes under present karmas. Present karmas are equally important. Right astrological and numerological remedies, right present karmic account and right connectivity with that supreme power can protect miraculously.

Acharrya Smredhi rishi sareen is hugely liked for her useful and informative tips.She persued the most reputed  degrees  in astrology of Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya and degrees in Numerology also.There are many medals to her credit moreover by the divine guidance she has developed her own fine technique based on years of research. She has keen interest in reading autobiographies of saints, understanding the philosophy of different religions and was into lot of prayers. By that supreme power’s divine blessing and guidance she has high intuitive skills.


Ar.Sandeep Panesar

(Architect and Vaastu Consultant)

Well known Architect and Vaastu Consultant  from last 10 years

Ar.Sandeep Panesar

Vaastu is to maintain balance between five elements(Air,Water,Earth,Sky and Fire) with human body.Sh Sandeep Panesar is an Architect and Vaastu Consultant.From the childhood ,he used to draw imaginary maps on earth.Without realizing that one day,he will become Architect and Vaastu Expert.He did his Diploma in Architect  and started his career as Architect and Vaastu Consultant .From then he never look back. He attend seminars and conferences held from time to time on Vaastu shastra.He has in his credit many work done and many problems regarding Vaastu have been solved.

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