03 May Historical Background of Face Reading



J.P. Singh Kapoor

Face reading is an ancient art known around the world. Face reading is  also known as  physiognomy and  personology. Face reading gives us  in sights of our own and others’ character. Every facial feature represents person’s behavior, his past,his inner mind and his future .

                       According to Hindus, ‘Anga Samudrika’ (Body language) described the vast knowledge of Face Reading . King Prahlada has contributed a lot to this subject.

                        Socrates (470-399 B.C.) contributed most in this subject. Aristotle wrote the first book on Physiognomy ‘Displaying the Secrets of Nature Relating to Physiognomy’ in (384-322 B.C). According to  Marco Polo, the Arabs also practiced Face Reading . Face Reading also became popular in Europe under the name of physiognomy.Physician and philosopher Avicenna (980-1037 A.D.) also described  about Face Reading  in his book ‘De animalibus’. Michael Scot (1175-1232 A.D.), court astrologer to Emperor FrederickII, also composed a book of Face Reading  ‘De hominis phisiognomun’, Gerolamo Cardano, who born in Italy in 1501, wrote many books on Astronomy, Physics, Astrology, Dream Analysis, and Face Reading . Cardano believed that a person’s facial lines,shapes and sizes represents his fate. Kaspar Lavater(1741-1801) had  also done tremendous work in this subject His intention was to promote love and understanding between mankind through Face Reading . Japanese scholar  Nanboku Mizuno did tremendous work in this field through his book called ‘Food Governs Destiny’. Edward Jones, a Los Angeles judge, had also done great work in this field .He proved that there are identical facial signs that relate to a series of character, behavior, and mind process of each individual. His theory was received international attention and he was  awarded an Honorary Doctorate and became the father of the modern Face Reading system of analysis.

                              Alexander the Great also used Face Reading , when he handpicked his soldiers through studying their faces and body features. Instead of giving out tests and examining their talents in the field, he screened all of his soldiers using Face Reading . He studied person’s survival instincts,his sincerity towards him and his tolerance  power to bear  harsh scenario.Due to his choice of warriors, he conquered the entire world.

                                              Abraham Lincoln was also a face reader. He used Face Reading so that he could  understand the personality of persons around him. Chinese medical professionals   used this art for purpose of diagnosing health illness. and is still used as a valuable diagnostic tool today. the art for diagnosing the disease. According to  Chinese Face Readers face represents the energies, health and fortune of a person and they wished to live in harmony with these, energies, five elements , yin and yang, and the seasons .Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, was also master in this art.In 1931,Mary Olmsteand wrote the “Encyclopedia of Face and Form Reading “ containing over 1200 pages. It provided vast knowledge about this subject.

                Face Reading   has been studied for many years, starting with Socrates, even applied by Alexander the Great, and is now currently being studied and  intensive research is being done for the  welfare of  the general public.   .

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