Numerology Introduction

Numerology is a calculating science ,which is also a branch of astrology.We are all born on some particular date.This has a very deep meaning behind this.Every number is an energy,which defines persons total psychological life pattern,strength,milestones etc.

Date of Birth called psychic number which is fixed.Destiny number is again  fixed,but name number is in our hands.If our name number gets with our Date of birth,it gives harmonious life and multiplies our strength to many folds,resulting in overall success in life .

Numerology is an excellent science which is accurate in giving our life pattern and our character to maximum.Numerology helps in making personal and professional life very successful by guiding accurate and giving us full report of the following :

  • Best suited numbers for friends/partnership .
  • Best days/date and years of life .
  • Best suited deity
  • est suited mantras
  • Best suited meditation and many other deep hidden information.

All the numbers carry specific energies

All the numbers carry specific energies .Small glimpse is it mentioned below:

Number 1:Ruler SUN

Sun occupies the centre of solar system. Sun is connected with boldness truth & commanding personality vigour & vitality.People having number 1 as ruling number  are independent and generally have fixed ideas and purpose. Difficult to change their opinion. Need lot of attention and respect .Burning with new ideas and thoughts.

Number 2:Ruler MOON

Moon is the satellite of the earth and is very close to earth than any other planet. Moon is connected with the timidness and changeable character of the person. Generally the person having 2 as their ruling number are tender , artistic and romantic ,peaceful and of gentle nature. Quick changing mind and having love for aromas and fragrances.

Number 3:Ruler JUPITER

Jupiter is the fifth member of solar family. Jupiter is of Satvik nature. People having 3 as ruling number are independent, disciplined, hard working .Like to get ahead in the world .Make friends easily and full of humour.

Number 4:Ruler RAHU

Rahu is a shadow planet. The character of the planet is Tamas. People having 4 as ruling number are powerful and brilliant. Secretive , willing to work for the better world. Loyal to those who they love , but a loner. Good sense of order.

Number 5:Ruler MERCURY

Mercury is first member of solar family and very close to earth. People having 5 as ruling number are independent, youthful , adventuresome ,modern, progressive. Excellent in communication, convincing .They do well in entertainment industry.

Number 6:Ruler VENUS

Venus is the second member of solar family. The character of this planet is Rajas. People having 6 as ruling number are Charming , beauty oriented, full of love and care. Good home makers, artistic. Good in creating lovish environment.

Number 7:Ruler KETU

Ketu is a shadow planet. People having 7 as ruling number are spiritual, mystical and poetic. They are torn between rational thinking and the higher world. Prefer to work alone and work hard to perfection.

Number 8:Ruler SATURN

Saturn is the sixth member of solar family. It is tamsic in nature. People having 8 as ruling number are good judges, slow, materially focused. Finances go up and down in life .Stubborn , independent, intense and lonely. Do not panic easily and prefer to work alone.

Number 9:Ruler MARS

Mars is the forth member of solar family. Mars is connected to boldness courage and war like nature. People having 9 as ruling number are aggressive, impatient and sometimes dominating and can deal with many troubles at a time .Full of energy , restless and hard working .

Services Package of Numerology

Personalised Numerology Report

In this package we analyse

  • Peak moments in your life
  • Challenges that you may face in life and how to overcome them
  • Cultivate special talents and skills in you
  • Suggest your life’s goal.
  • Scientific suggestions as per numerology
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Existing Name analysis and suggestions

In this package we do:

  • Detailed analysis of your existing name.
  • To make your name compatible with your career or business
  • Useful suggestions are given to make ur name compatible with your date of birth.
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Lucky new names for new born baby

In this package we suggest

  • Lucky names for new born baby so that his/her life becomes happy and cheerful.
  • Name that suits his/her career, job and marriage .

Note: You should provide exact date, time and place of birth’s details and list of names of your interest.

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Couple’s name analysis:

In this package, we do

  • Matching of husband and wife’s name, and suggest compatible names for happy and cordial married life.
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Name analysis for your business/shop/company

In this package, we suggest

  • lucky name for new business/shop/company.
  • lucky name for existing business/ shop/ company.
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Note: You should provide exact date, time and place of birth details of the proprietor  of business/shop/company.

Note : Suggestions and other relevant information will be sent through E-mail generally within 3 to 4 days after receiving your detailed information along with fees.

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